All the shows listed below are FREE at the fall fair, along with FREE Unlimited Rides, with gate admission of $25 (Tuesdays through Thursdays) or $30 (Fridays-Sundays):

Our Main Attractions –  world-class Rides

Rides and Games by Big Rock Entertainment

Giant Wheel

Our New Giant Wheel is one of the focal points of our midway and gives riders a bird’s eye view of the midway and surrounding area.  Each of the gondolas seat 4-6 passengers and stands over 80ft tall.  At night, the wheel lights up with thousands of multi color computer controlled LED lights for a spectacular light show that can be seen from miles away.

Air Flyer

This super-spectacular attraction will soar riders to new heights of fun! As the swings begin to rotate and increase speed, they ascend to the top of the tower. At over 100 feet tall, the Air Flyer towers over the midway and is one of the tallest rides of it’s kind to travel in the U.S.


The Extreme has 16 seats on a big pendulum that swings back and forth. The pendulum has an enormous amplitude and can swing up to the range of 130 degrees on each side. In addition, the seats rotate around the pendulum axis. G-force can reach 1.5 do 2.5G. At night, the Extreme comes alive with an LED lightshow, strobelights and high energy music.

Fire Ball

The Fire Ball is a high speed looping roller coaster that takes riders 60ft in the air!  Riders are seated in open air cars and secured with a over-the-shoulder safety harness and seat belt.


The Himalaya is an exciting thrill ride that spins at 11.5 RPM for exciting big-ride action at a speed which thrills everyone. At night the Himalaya comes alive with over 5,000 LED lights, smoke, strobe lights and high powered music.


The Scooter, commonly referred to as the Bumper Cars or Dodgem, is a family favorite on the Big Rock Midway.  Drivers are able to ride around an arena and crash into their friends without any damage or driving tickets!


A classic thrill ride for the extreme thrillseekers! This ride flips, rocks and rolls riders through the sky!


The Sizzler is a classic thrill ride that features three spindles with four vehicles on each.  As the center of the ride begins to spin, the spindles also rotate giving riders a sizzling experience!

Sky Wheel

The Sky Wheel is a super spectacular ride that is rarely seen on carnival midways in present day.  The Sky Wheel features two ferris wheels attached to opposite ends of a large boom that rotates in the air.  Many traveling carnivals no longer operate a Sky Wheel due to transportation and maintenance costs. Big Rock Amusements is proud to present the ONLY ride of it’s kind to feature a state of the art LED lightshow in America.


The Tilt-A-Whirl™ is a large segmented undulating spinning platform with 7 vehicles spread over the surface. Each vehicle spins on its own axis and depending on the weight location of each guest every thrilling ride is unique.

Wacky Worm Coaster

Our new Wacky Worm is a family-friendly roller coaster for families and riders or all ages! Exciting enough for the teens but still enjoyable for the less experienced thrill seekers who wish to ride with mom and dad!


This giant swing ride lifts passengers up off the ground, then swings them out over the crowds.  All while tilting slightly at full speed to give a thrilling “wave” effect while riding.

Sea Ray

The Sea Ray is a spectacular giant swinging ship that swings riders back and forth up to 50′ in the air.

Our Kiddie Rides

Rides and Games by Big Rock Entertainment

Grand Carousel

Our Grand Carousel is one of the most spectacular and detailed portable carousels in the United States.  The Grand Carousel features hand crafted horses and mythical creatures, decorated with jewels and beads.  For those who do not wish to climb up on a saddle, there are two chariots for you to ride on as well.

Bear Affair

The Bear Affair is a great family ride in which riders can control the spin of their bear using a giant turn table in the middle of the vehicle.  Each bear is spacious enough to accommodate a family of 4 with ease.

Dragon Wagon

The Dragon Wagon is arguably one of the most popular kiddie rides on the Big Rock midway. Kids love our friendly dragon themed roller coaster which features dips and hills that are just the right size for the little ones!

Frog Hopper

Riders ascend upward and are dropped back down in a hopping motion!

Fun Slide

Our Fun Slide isn’t an ordinary playground slide.  Our slide is over 90′ long and has three lanes so that riders can race to the finish.

Hero Zone

The Hero Zone is a large scale, adventure obstacle course.  Riders encounter punching bags, a cargo net, an inflatable slide, two suspension bridges, and a large see-through slide as they make their way through the attraction!

Hillbilly Village

The Hillbilly Village is a fun house attraction complete with moving floors, rubber band maze, surprises, trick mirrors, and a rotating barrel!


The Ladybugs is a classic kiddie ride for the little ones. The over-sized bugs go round and round while gently moving up and down!

Mardi Gras

The Mardi Gras is a spectacular two story funhouse complete with a mirror maze, trick mirrors, hidden staircase, and a spiral slide at the finish.

Quad Runners

Kids of all ages are sure to love driving their very own 4 X 4 Quad ATV’s as they circle the track and race to the finish line!

Rio Grande Train

This colorful western themed train features cars that can accommodate both adults and children.

Samba Balloon

The Samba Balloon is a favorite on the Big Rock midway.  Riders can control the spin of their gondola using the built in steering wheel creating a totally interactive experience.  At night, riders will be dazzled by the ride’s color changing LED lighting.


Calling all junior racers!  Junior racers get to drive their own racecar around the oval shaped track.  As the car rounds the ends, riders experience a whip like motion! Mom and Dad can ride too!

Star Command

Blast off into space on these futuristic space copters!

Wave Runner

The Wave Runner is a great ride for junior water sport enthusiasts.  Our full size wave runners ride along a wavy track to simulate riding a wave runner in your favorite lake.  The best part is you don’t even get wet!

Pro Bull Riding: 2000lb Buckin Beasts versus the best cowboys in USA:
Friday, Nov. 11 at 8pm, Saturday, Nov. 12 at 8pm, Sunday, Nov. 13 at 3pm

Queen B entertainment presents…

The Spooky Circus Sideshow Theater sponsored by Fishlips Waterfront Restaurant:
Every night of the fair

One of Brevard’s most talented and creative entertainment producers, Queen B Entertainment will present a live musical revue stage show, based on popular halloween characters. The stage show will take place every night of the fair.

Wonder and marvel at the real-live mermaid, the Bride of Frankenstein show, the Alice and Rabbit show and the cute and mysterious clown.

The Wolves of The World Show
presented by Space Coast Daily & Erdman Automotive
Every day and night of the fair

The Wolves Of The World presents the seemingly mystical enigmatic of-an entire wolf pack performing right before your eyes in a highly visual vintage Americana atmosphere.

Presented by the Sandlofer family, the show explains the habitat and history of wolves as they recount the story of how the rescued wolves were raised in captivity.  Behavior traits, and how wolves interact within their pack are just a sample of the education presented in this family-friendly show.

At the conclusion of the show, audience members are invited into the wolves’ habitat where they have the opportunity to view them up close and create a lasting memory hard to forget.

Meet The Plant Guy at the fair: He grows on you!

Every day and night of the fair

Hi there! I’m the Plant Guy, an interactive performer, I won’t beat around the bush, I’m the hit of the fair wherever I transplant myself. You will see your friends amazed, laughing, and maybe even a little startled. Don’t be surprised to see them running over to their family and dragging them back to watch their reactions. And everyone will want a picture with Plant Guy, you might say he is big on photo-synthesis!

Molly Hatchet, Friday, Nov. 18, 8 pm

with special guests ZEDDEMORE at 7 pm. Formed in August 2016, Zeddemore is an alternative rock band from Melbourne, Florida.

Molly Hatchet will perform a free concert at the 2022 Space Coast State Fair on Friday, November 18.


VIP tickets are available for the Molly Hatchet concert for $49, which include a comfortable seat in front of the stage, fair admission, free unlimited fair rides, free shows and access to a private bar.

Fran Cosmo former lead singer of BOSTON

Saturday, Nov. 19, 8 pm

Do you love all the great songs from the band BOSTON? A little bit of Boston is coming to the Space Coast this fall. Fran Cosmo, former lead singer of the famous classic rock band BOSTON and his band, will bring all those great BOSTON hits to the Space Coast State Fair on Saturday, November 18 at 8 pm. Fair gates open from 1 pm until midnight. 

Fair is open from 1 pm until midnight. 


Meet Pete The Cat every day at the entrance to the fair.

sponsored by Eastern Florida State College

Pete the Cat goes walking down the street wearing his brand new white shoes. Along the way, his shoes change from white to red to blue to brown to WET as he steps in piles of strawberries, blueberries, and other big messes! But no matter what color his shoes are, Pete keeps movin’ and groovin’ and singing his song…

The first book, Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes, is the story of a cat named Pete whose white shoes become dirty after he steps in various substances, but “Pete never loses his cool.” Written as a song, its refrain is “I love my white shoes”, changing to “I love my red shoes”, “I love my blue shoes”, and “I love my brown shoes”. Then he steps in a bucket of water and the colors wash off, and they become wet, but still never loses his cool, he just sings his song.

The book was self-published in 2008 and sold 7,000 copies in 10 months before it was picked up by HarperCollins – alerted by a YouTube meme in which two little girls read the book – and distributed throughout the United States and Canada. It rose to number 8 on the New York Times Best Seller list for picture books.