Location & Directions

The Space Coast State Fair address is:

6091 Stadium Parkway, Fair
Viera, Florida 32940

The new and larger location is at the 30-acre fairgrounds just across the street from gate 1 at Space Coast Stadium in Viera, Florida.

From the south: Take Lake Andrew Drive north and cross over Judge Fran Jamieson Way, continuing north past Viera Regional Community Park. Proceed north up the ramp and enter the fair parking lots from the east side of the fairgrounds.

From the north: Take Stadium Parkway South and turn left (east) into the fairgrounds at Veterans Way.

PARKING: $5 per vehicle. VIP parking $10.

Big Rock Amusements LLC 

Covid-19 Standard Operating Procedures: face masks are strongly recommended.

Big Rock Amusements is extremely excited to once again bring fun and adventure to communities across the states. We know these are troubling times and there are many concerns we all have. The following procedures have been set in place to create a safe environment for our patrons and employees.

Social distancing will be enforced at all times.

  • Physical space will be increased between patron and workers.
  • Contact between patrons and workers will be limited.
  • New training programs will be provided to workers instructing them on how to stay safe and keep patrons safe.
  • Workers will be provided with personal protective equipment as per CDC guidelines
  • Workers will be instructed to wear face coverings, as appropriate, per CDC guidelines
  • Patrons will be encouraged to wear face coverings at all times when not experiencing a ride or attraction
  • Touch free or contactless payment options will be provided throughout the midway. Patrons and workers are encouraged to utilize often.
  • Patrons must always abide by the gathering ban per CDC guidelines.
  • Parties with at least one patron who has been diagnosed or exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 will be prohibited from entering the premises.
  • Informative signage will be posted at entrances and throughout the establishment to remind patrons to adhere to the guidelines provided by the Center for Disease Control.
  • New operations and sanitation procedures will be made available at bigrockamusements.com for patrons to review prior to their visit.
  • Uniformed entrances will be established. Patrons will be subject to a temperature screening upon entering the venue.
  • Face to face purchases will be reduced when possible.
  • All self-serve items have been removed and will be provided to patrons upon request.
  • Workers will be required to monitor guests to enforce social distancing and prevent gatherings.
  • Patrons are encouraged to utilize sanitation stations before entering each ride or attraction.
  • Workers are required to clean and sanitize all contact surfaces between each ride cycle.
  • The number of patrons will be reduced in order to meet social distancing guidelines.
  • Some attractions that do not permit social distancing have been closed until further notice
  • Seating areas will be reconfigured to promote social distancing.
  • New procedures have been implemented to increase cleaning and sanitization frequency.
  • Food service areas will adhere to the guidelines set fourth by the CDC for restaurants and dining services.

Food & Concessions:

 All employees will be screened for symptoms of Covid-19, upon arrival.
 Employees will subject to a temperature screening daily, upon arrival.
 If employee exceeds a temperature of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit, they will not be
permitted to work.
 Dedicated face coverings and protective gloves will be provided and worn by all
 Employees will be required to wash hands routinely, avoid touching faces and practice
good respiratory etiquette when coughing or sneezing as per CDC guidance.
 Employees are prohibited from congregating in common areas during breaks.
 If employees are exhibiting symptoms or felling ill they should stay home and report
symptoms to a supervisor and seek medical attention immediately.
 If an employee tests positive for Covid-19 The local Health Department will be notified
 Signage on health policies will be posted throughout the workplace.
 Employees will follow sanitation frequency guidelines as per CDC.

 Seating areas will be limited to no more than 10 guests per table per CDC guidance
on group sizes.
 Any outdoor waiting areas will be marked so that social distancing standards are met.

Tables and outside surrounding counter tops will be cleaned and sanitized